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What is BrainLegit

BrainLegit aims to disrupt the Ecommerce industry by Reducing the transactional time and cost it takes
to purchase or sell digital products on the Internet.

We built a platform for
The Digital Content and E-commerce Industry

While Exchanging and trading of digital products for its monetary equivalent on Ecommerce and todays current Tech giant’s platforms has increased the connectivity of content creators to consumers on a global scale, the process it takes to complete a transaction is quite cumbersome as loads of communications has to be transmitted and processed back and forth through disparate systems which exposes the user’s identity to multiple risks of identity theft.

Problems & Solutions

The Internet Today is content driven and with every digital content uploaded to the web having monetary/sentimental value attached to it, the buying of digital products online has risen exponentially in the last decade
giving rise to a value of about 3 trillion US dollars.


Different pieces of the new Internet are born as building blocks, but there’s no way for them to work together.

Control: Digital Content creators are faced with the immediate challenge of ownership and control of their funds while selling their contents on the current tech and ecommerce giants of today. These companies while adopting the current credit/debit card payment method of the internet must transmit loads of user’s identity information back and forth through disparate systems. The downside of this method is the creators losing quite a sizeable chunk of the financial value of their product to numerous middlemen.

Accountability: Questions often asked by content creators working together with their peers is how can royalties and bounties be share efficiently after sales. The current credit card system of buying digital products online does not provide an effective method of royalty distribution hence the need of a central authority like banks or paypal to regulate and control their transactions.



The web of Tomorrow: Brainlegit integrates seamlessly with the Ethereum blockchain via metamask(the technology for interacting with the web of tomorrow) and web3.js to process the transfer of funds from one value end point to the other. Transaction time is in seconds when making a purchase on the brainlegit network and as the web is scaling up from web2 to web3, brainlegit is right there to follow the trend.

Royalties and Sharing: multiple content creators working on the same digital project can define percentage rules of how funds received from the brainlegit ecommerce platform is distributed amongst themselves without the need of trusting a lawyer. The “proof-of-legitimacy” smart contract disburse the funds according to the percentage rules given to it.



Pre-Sale & Values


Join Our Token Sale today and be part of the future.

Pre-ICO will start in







  • Pre-Sale
  • Soft Cap
  • Bonus
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15% target raised
1 ETH = $500 = 15,000 LGT
Purchase Token

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Get your tokens for the best price: We fixed the Ether price at current market price in Realtime.

  • PRE-Sale starts 26th June
  • PRE-Sale Ends 2nd July
  • ICO starts 03 July
  • ICO Ends 03 August
  • Acceptable currencies ETH
  • Number of tokens in Total 1000,000,000 LGT
  • Number of Tokens for Sale 450,000,000 LGT (45%)
BrainLegit App

Mobile App

A cryptocurrency wallet stores the public and private keys which can be used to receive or spend
the cryptocurrency. Our Mobile wallet shall be easy to use and would connects various digital content producers with consumers accross the globe.

Android & ios app

Brainlegit Android and IOS app coming soon...

  • Live crypto rate
  • Latest cryptocurrency news
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
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We are a team passionate about blockchain and its benefits to the ecommerce industry
We have been working hard and have done extensive research on the uses cases of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

November 2017
Platform idea
January 2018
Technical & strategy
July 2018
Ico Realease Live Now
October 2018
Beta version of
November 2018
Software development kit
for integrations
Febraury 2019
Mobile apps for
iOS & Android
About coin


LegittCoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer issuance currency that is built upon the Ethereum Blockchain
The legittcoin is based on the ERC20 Ethereum Token Standard

Coin Image

Legitt Coin

The LegittCoin(LGT) is a utility token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain following the ERC20 token standard. The token is designed to be used by content creators (musicians, writers, photographers etc.) and is useable on any ethereum based wallet. LEGITTCoin can be exchanged for ether at the current ether price in the coinexchange markets.

Within the brainlegit ecosystem LEGITTCoin will be used primarily to trade digital products for financial value. Content creators uploads their contents on the network and attach a LGT value to it. Buyers/consumers click to buy and pay for the content with LEGITTCoin using metamask as the payment platform. Once the system confirms that the transaction has passed through and is mined, the link to download the content would now be displayed to the buyer/consumer.

Token stats

Token Distribution


To calculate the number of tokens you’ll receive, you can follow the following formula.

Symbol: LGT

Initial Value for PRE-Sale: 1 ETH = 30,000 LGT

Initial Value for ICO: 1 ETH = 15,000 LGT

Type: ERC20



Our Team of creative minds and
Innovative Intelligence.

Ayuba Muazu
CEO & Founder
Ivan Plouchuk
Rodrigo Villanueva
Musa E. Samdi
Co-Founder/Business Dev


Strong team of advisors from different blockchain,business and
I.T sectors

Nadia Sidko
Blockchain Entrepreneur
Team User
Pavel Volek
Entrepreneur and Investor
Team User
Alyona Blakytna
Fin-Tech Entrepreneur
Team User
Martin Solarik
Fin-Tech Investor
Team User
Kate Fisenko
Fin-Tech Investor
Team User
Michal Krajnansky
Blockchain Entrepreneur
Team User


Question often asked by clients,customers and

As a beginner, you become an investor in the brainlegit network by purchasing the legittcoin during the Crowdsale.
To purchase the Legittcoin, you must have an ERC20 token standard ethereum Wallet with some ether funds in it.
you exchange your ether for legittcoin by sending your ether funds to the brainlegit ICO smart contract Address in which afterwards you receive the equivalent legittcoin instantly.
We recommend the following Ethereum ERC20 token standard wallet

  • Metamask : addon for chrome,firefox and brave browsers
  • imToken : Mobile based wallet for Android and iPhone
  • Trust : Mobile based wallet for Android and iPhone
  • Cipher : Mobile based wallet for Android and iPhone

If you have Fiat and you wish to exchange with crypto we recommend the following platforms
you can only invest in Brainlegit during the Crowdsale but if you are a content producer, you can still make money from the brainlegit platform by selling your digital contents.
The Brainlegit ICO smart contract address is where you send your ether funds to and receive the equivalent legittcoin.

ICO Address


ICO Addres Qrcode

The Legittcoin(LGT) is a utility token that powers the Brainlegit Ecosystem. The Legittcoin(LGT) would be primarily used to exchange digital contents for crypto.
The value of Legittcoin(LGT) would grow exponentially as more merchants joins the network to sell their works.
Yes. you can participate in the ICO with your bitcoin by exchanging it for the ethereum Ether in the following platforms
you can invest a minimum value
0.01 ETH
maximum value.
As content producers working together on the same digital product, you can define percentage rules of how funds received from consumers of your product is distributed amongst yourselves without the need of trusting a lawyer. The "proof-of-legitimacy" smart contract disburse the funds according to the percentage rules given to it.
As a content creator, you have the advantage of getting 90% of your revenue sales directly into your wallet. as banks and other middlemen are completely eliminated. Brainlegit charges only 10% whenever a transaction is successfully completed.
The Legittcoin is an Ethereum ERC20 token standard cryptocurrency and can be exchanged with other standard cryptocurrencies in the coin exchange market. The LGT can be exchanged for both crypto and fiat.
The security of buyers and consumers on the brainlegit network is protected 100% as brainlegit collects no financial information of any content buyer/consumer. This increases the convenience and confidence of an online shopper when buying on the brainlegit ecommerce platform.


Have questions? We’re happy to help.

Contact us with any questions regarding BrainLegit.