What is BrainLegit

BrainLegit aims to create a decentralized marketplace where digital media products can easily be purchased with cryptocurrencies.
On the Brainlegit platform, intellectual property rights are governed by the rules of blockchain and content creators can legitimately proof the ownership of their digital media products via our Proof-of-Ownership smart contract

We are building a dApp for
the Digital media content and E-commerce Industry

The Client-Server architecture of processing fees/payments on today's E-commerce platforms and marketplaces exposes buyers of digital downloads to multiple risks of financial identity theft
With Brainlegit, transactions are made with cryptocurrencies and settled via smart contracts. On the overall scale, it is much more cheaper to transact on the brainlegit marketplace where the transactional time is greatly reduced from weeks to minutes.


The Brainlegit Marketplace is sub divided into four(4)sectors starting with E-publishing


The E-publishin Sector includes E-books,E-Magazines,E-papers and Stock Images


Why Brainlegit

Brainlegit provides a decentralized marketplace where storage of digital media content is stored forever on the Blockchain via the Secured-Hash-Algorithm. Our solution offers great opportunity to consumers and producers of digital contents in terms of

Smarter contract Agreements

Payments are made with cryptocurrencies and transactions are settle via smart contracts

Consumer Information Security

unlike the credit card system, Brainlegit does not collects buyers financial information

Publicly Verifiable Transactions

All payment transactions are stored on the blockchain and publicly verifiable anywhere in the world

Reduction in Piracy and Copyright

The Proof-of-ownership smart contract eliminates piracy and also proof the ownership of intellectual property rights of content creators