What is BrainLegit

BrainLegit aims to disrupt the Ecommerce industry by Reducing the transactional time and cost it takes
to purchase or sell digital products on the Internet.

We built a platform for
The Digital Content and E-commerce Industry

While Exchanging and trading of digital products for its monetary equivalent on Ecommerce and todays current Tech giant’s platforms has increased the connectivity of content creators to consumers on a global scale, the process it takes to complete a transaction is quite cumbersome as loads of communications has to be transmitted and processed back and forth through disparate systems which exposes the user’s identity to multiple risks of identity theft.


The Brainlegit Marketplace is sub divided intofour(4)sectors starting with E-publishing


Browse millions of E-publishing contents including Ebooks,EMagazines and Stock Images


Why Brainlegit

Brainlegit provides a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace which connects producers of digital downloads directly to consumers without any intermediaries. Our solution offers great opportunity to consumers and producers of digital contents in terms of

Smarter contract Agreements

Transactions and payments are settled via smart contracts with no human intermediaries or interference

Consumer Information Security

unlike the credit card system, Brainlegit does not collects buyers financial information

Publicly Verifiable Transactions

All payment transactions are stored on the blockchain and publicly verifiable anywhere in the world

Faster Payment Processing

Payments are processed and settled in seconds thereby enhancing creativity and productivity